Permanent Tattoos That Can Be, Simply, Turned Off


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INQUE delivers skin art that’s as permanent as you want it to be and healthier than it’s ever been. We’ll offer it in places you’ll love to be with the best experience you’ve ever had. The technology is ready. The locations are coming. Join the INQUE revolution – together we’re changing tattoo forever! 

We’re challenging the world for at least a million stories, and we’re giving back!

At INQUE we are committed to constant improvement and taking action to positively impact people’s lives.  Our commitment started with the development of healthier, safer tattoo skin art and we will continue our efforts to give back to the community.  We’re challenging the world to tell us a million stories about the tattoo they love, or would love to get. Tell us your story and help us choose where to donate $1 million after we’ve received 1 million of your stories.

Join The INQUE Revolution.

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The Tattoo Experience You’ve Always Wanted

INQUE is a radically new tattoo skin art experience. INQUE is bringing you a healthier permanent ink, applied the traditional way, in retail locations that will blow your mind. Your skin art can be quickly and easily turned off giving you the ability to finally have the tattoo you’ve always wanted with the freedom to change it as your story evolves.

Your Needs, Our Purpose and How We Got Here

We started over a decade ago when a nationally renowned dermatologist asked if we could create a healthier permanent ink that was easily removable. We love a challenge, so 12 years, lots of science, over a hundred volunteers, and $368 million later, it’s proven and ready for your story.

A Completely New Skin Art Technology that’s

INQUE has applied cutting-edge science and years of research to innovate and patent a totally new skin imaging system called Brilliant INQUETM. Developed by a team of Ph.D. scientists, our patented Core Shell technology introduces encapsulated, uniformly sized ink particles into the skin.

Conventional Ink vs. Brilliant INQUE

Our technology keeps ink from being absorbed into the bloodstream, as is the case with conventional tattoo ink. This unique encapsulation technology doesn’t just provide unmatched vibrancy and safety—it delivers body art that can be turned off in one simple session without the pain of traditional tattoo removal.

A Game-Changing Ink that can be BLANQUEdTM

BLANQUEd? Yes! Our patented system enables you to turn off your INQUE skin art in one simple, quick session without all the cost and pain of multiple traditional tattoo laser “removal” procedures.

Traditional tattoo removal isn’t really removal at all, as the ink is actually displaced and absorbed into the lymph nodes. It requires the use of powerful lasers to shatter the ink particles and can cause external scarring and long-term damage. The procedures are costly, painful and time-consuming, often requiring 8-12 treatments or more over many months or years.

INQUE’s revolutionary BLANQUETM system harnesses a low power laser technique that triggers a reaction in our Core Shell to turn the color off in one simple, quick session without the pain and cost of traditional removal procedures. Because the BLANQUE process doesn’t shatter and break down the ink like conventional laser removal, nothing enters your bloodstream.

In Places You’ll Love To Be

This is NOT a tattoo parlor. This is the INQUE experience. Our sophisticated, tech-infused locations combine the best staff, technology, and products to ensure our guests are inspired and comfortable as their story unfolds. We’re bringing this exciting new experience to the most sought-after retail locations in the U.S. and beyond.

We are launching our first premium locations in Boston at the end of 2019 with Philly and Miami soon following. We’ll continue an aggressive national expansion throughout the top 21 major metro markets from coast to coast.

We’re Transforming The Experience And The Industry

In addition to our proprietary technology, healthier ink, and stores in the most sought-after retail locations in the country, we’ll deliver the ultimate customer experience powered by immersive technologies and cutting-edge amenities. At the center of the community is our artists. We are focused on elevating the tattoo artist experience by enabling them to build their personal brands and showcase their art on a national stage. We’ll provide the best pay, incentives, benefits, supplies, and working environment as part of our commitment.

Every Body Has A Story.

It’s your life, your adventure, your memories, your story.
This isn’t tattoo; this is INQUE. As permanent as you as you want it to be.




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