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Volume 2: FDA Recalls Tattoo Inks due to Contamination

Would you get a tattoo if you knew it didn’t have to be permanent?

What if your tattoo didn’t have to be permanent, AND it was safer than other tattoo inks currently offered? If your answer is an enthusiastic, “Yes!”, then keep reading about INQUE: the catalyst of the tattoo revolution. 

The FDA recently announced a recall on six tattoo inks widely used in the market today. According to the FDA, the inks had been “contaminated with microorganisms [that] can cause serious health injuries when injected into the skin during a tattooing procedure, [because] there is an increased risk of infection any time the skin barrier is broken.”

The FDA reported that the inks had caused reactions, which included rashes, lesions, and permanent scarring. They recommended that all consumers ask their tattoo artists what ink they use before going through with the procedure.

This is where INQUE will disrupt the world. We have the safest ink the industry has ever seen.

The image below depicts the patented Core Shell technology that INQUE has perfected in order to provide the safest tattoo procedure offered today.

Here is how INQUE differs from traditional ink.

With these technological advances, INQUE will spark the Tattoo Revolution to transform the industry globally.

Not only does this technology drastically reduce risks involved with getting a tattoo, it simultaneously allows INQUE tattoos to be “turned off” in one simple session using our cutting-edge and proprietary BLANQUETM system. BLANQUEingTM uses a very low power infrared laser light to generate a reaction in our Core Shell ink, effectively turning the color off in the skin. This system is quick and easy, and does not incorporate the time, cost, and pain of conventional laser removal treatments.

BLANQUEing prevents the ink from entering your bloodstream because it doesn’t shatter and break down tattoo ink as with conventional laser tattoo removal. Therefore, both our tattoo and BLANQUEing procedures are radically safer and fiercely disruptive!

We are ready for this groundbreaking technology to shake up the tattoo industry as we know it.

Are you?

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Please click here to read the original FDA statement.

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