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Volume 3: Will Tattoos Taint My Job Prospects?

For INQUETM employees, our mantra is: the more tattoos we’ve got, the better.

There’s no better way to understand what it’s like to make that commitment to self-expression than by making it yourself. When I walked in for the interview, I definitely didn’t actively HIDE my tattoo knowing that I would be working for a tattoo company. But that’s another story…

INQUE Social Media Intern Inbar Porat is tattooed with Brilliant INQUE so she can tell her story about her favorite poem through skin art.

Many employers have traditionally banned tattoos in the workplace, but the Harvard Business Review reports that this is changing as more and more applicants come to the interview with visible tattoos. Many organizations such as the U.S. Marines are lifting or relaxing these sorts of policies “because when tattoos were banned, the organization found it was losing out on good candidates”.

Here at INQUE, we believe self-expression is a gift and that you should tell your story as it evolves. That story isn’t one that should be shunned or hidden for 40 hours a week. INQUE is committed to giving people the confidence to express themselves in the manner that best defines what they love, who they are and how they live.

Tattoo Artist Gabriele Comiotto doing what he loves most with our Brilliant INQUE.

We are revolutionizing tattoo for both consumers and artists with a healthier, safer skin art that can be simply turned off in one session with our proprietary BLANQUEingTM technology. For tattoo artists, we are changing the game with exceptional compensation and benefit programs. For consumers, we will increase accessibility to skin art with the first affordable monthly payment plans the industry has ever seen. And that’s just the beginning. To learn more, stay updated and follow our Indiegogo page in order to gain instant access to perks and more information about our upcoming campaign.

The tattoo industry is 10,000 years old, and in many ways, it has barely changed in all these millennia. However, perceptions and beliefs surrounding tattoo are always changing, and it’s time the industry was introduced to the type of innovation that will help people tell their story as it evolves.

Thank you @blackmillphotos for the photos.

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